The Pennings of The Poisonous Pixie’s Book of Poetry is an eclectic lyrical collection of musings, thoughts, experiences and perceptions by Crouch End poet Rachel Rhodes-Puckett. Think inspirational verse, spirituality, rhyming rants and sometime online diary as The Poisonous Pixie creatively chronicles her day-to-day life Buy Book

Endless Luff – From mole hills to baskets of eggs, from Lucifer to Genghis Khan, this latest slim volume of poetry from Crouch End poet Brian Luff will take you to the very edge of the universe and beyond. If you like mythical beasts and launderettes, meteorites and Cheshire cats, be sure to read this book before the arrival of the apocalypse Buy Book

Naming the Clouds – The current Highgate Poets group was founded in the late 1970s. The group has continued to publish good quality poetry with poets who meet regularly to discuss and get feedback on their work from each other. This is their 28th anthology of poetry and the poets within are diverse and different and interesting Buy Book

Violently Tender – Abe Gibson has a way of pushing words together which seem completely unrelated – as with the very title of this book ‘Violently Tender’. There’s a tension and spark to his work that is great to read and even better to listen to. Catch him live sometime Buy Book